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Metabolite Statistics

Total Metabolites4300
Total Proteins4559
Number of Metabolites that are Detected And Quantified1642
Number of Metabolites that are Detected But Not Quantified832
Number of Metabolites that are Expected2346
Endogenous Metabolites2671
Exogenous Metabolites3396

Metabolite Concentration Statistics

Total Number of Concentrations8488
Number of Conditions with Concentrations365
Number of Concentrations for Abnormal Conditions2256
Number of Concentrations for Normal Condition6232
Number of Concentrations From References6196

Metabolite Link-out Statistics

Chemspider Link Count3100
Pubchem Compound Link Count3361
KEGG Compound Link Count2097
KEGG Pathway Link Count12955
CHEBI Compound Link Count2402
Wikipedia Link Count2191